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Manners and conventions of daily life in Japan  外国人とわかりあうために 英語で伝える日本のマナー

Keishosai Ogasawara

This Japanese and English bilingual book provides an insightful guide to the Ogasawara School traditions of Japanese manners and the reason behind these actions.

These fascinating insights are not only for non-Japanese readers, but also for Japanese readers who are not familiar with authentic manners in Japan. The book explores the distinctive culture in a Q&A style;

“Why do Japanese people bow so much?”

“Why do Japanese people wrap tips in envelopes?”

The clear explanations of why people do what they do in Japan invites readers into the foundations of Japanese culture. The book includes ceremonial customs such as weddings and funerals, as well as annual festival events with the aim of introducing the heart of Japanese manners to non-Japanese readers.

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