• The way of tea

英語で伝える 茶の湯の銘100 100 Beautiful Words in the Way of Tea

Bruce Sosei Hamana

The word “mei” is inseparable from chanoyu. It is an ideal topic for explaining chanoyu in English, as it reflects the importance of the seasons, the spirit of hospitality, and Japan’s unique customs and events. In this book, the author, who has taught chanoyu to foreign students at the Urasenke School, introduces chanoyu names in bilingual form. The book is easy to read with a simple explanation of three to five sentences per chanoyu name, so you can read it as it is when explaining chanoyu to people from overseas. The chapters are divided into New Year, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and the column explains the seasons and the calendar, types of inscriptions, and other essential knowledge about the inscriptions.

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